Please Join 

Friends of the Bronxville Public Library

For Cocktails



Irish Authors and Spirits

Friday, March 9, 2018

7:00 PM


At the Bronxville Public Library

201 Pondfield Road

Bronxville, NY 10708


Friends of the Bronxville Public Library


Margaret Mager, President

Lia Gravier, Vice President

Frank Murray, Treasurer

Berit Block

Angelo Merluccio

Chiara O’Connor

Ellen Politi

Irena Choi Stern

Rekha Waggoner

Board of Trustees of the Bronxville Public Library


Sarah Normand, President

Katy Barrett

Catherine Bird

Pippa Colvin

Susan Finch Moore

Darcy Kaye

Julia Murphy

Peter Thorp

Ruth Walter


Event Committee


Berit Block

Michele Silva Thomas

Lia Gravier

Caitlin Greatrex

Claire Keating

Margaret Mager

Susan Miller McCormick

Chiara O’Connor

Karen Robert

Edwina Sulimirski

Jennifer Sullivan


Benefit Committee


Hilary and Stephen Blumenreich

Janet and David Brashear

Amy and Kevin Brown

Lisa and Brian Bodell

Colleen O’Callaghan and Stephen Hawkey

Sarah and Peter Clifford

Linda and Jack Cioffi

Zlata and Gregory Gleason

Gillian and Holt Goddard

Janet and Christopher Goff

Jennifer Gordon

Kathy and Donald Gray

Carrie Long and Jeffrey Greenfield

Jennifer and Paul Heathwood

Cece and Mike Heraty

Jessica and Andrew Hogue

Michelle and Christopher Horvers

Sara and Ryan Kenny

Amy and Andy Korb

Jennifer and Beau Lescott

Mary Marvin

Larissa and Brian Modesitt

Hollis and Matthew Morris

Tracy and Jim Murray

Amy and David Oman

Linda and Marc Pagano

Betsy and Ian Putnam

Lisa and Ashvin Rao

Jennifer and Mark Redman

Michele and Jeffery Rohr

Heather Russell

Dennise and Dan Schafer

Denise and Tim Stephens

Sarah and Bob Underhill

Sarah Walker

Margaret Wang and John Kim

Helen and Tom Welling

The Friends of the Bronxville Public Library, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to supporting the Bronxville Public Library. Our mission is to focus public attention on the Library’s services, facilities, and needs; sponsor special projects; secure materials that are beyond the reach of the regular Library budget; and perform other services that are helpful to this beloved 105-year-old institution.